Herend Dinnerware

The Beauty Is Legendary, But That’s Only The Beginning.

Herd dinnerware is a sound investment in hand painted art, but not the sort to admire from afar. Its durable hard paste porcelain body and dishwasher-safe attribute make it a breeze to enjoy.

Herend is perpetual, with dinnerware patterns never discontinued.  Those purchased today will always be available, whether one, ten or a hundred years go by.  Herend is timeless, being ever in vogue.

Herend is uniquely yours, with dinnerware personalization options ranging from hand painted 24-kt gold monograms to custom-designed sets. Herend keeps excellent company, being owned by royalty, dignitaries and celebrities from all walks of life and sold in very select stores specializing in superior goods and service.

Pair Herend with its favorite stemware companion, Moser crystal

Below is the collection of Herend brand diningware patterns that we offer.  Click the items to view them in a larger format.

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American Wildflowers
Antique Iris
Aquatic Dessert
Blue Garden
Blue Garland
Chinese Bouquet
Chinese Bouquet Garland
Dragonfly Dessert
Fish Scale
Foret Coffee
Fortuna Blue
Fruits & Flowers
Golden Edge
Golden Laurel
Indian Basket
Market Garden
Platinum Edge
Princess Victoria
Queen Victoria
Rothschild Bird
Rothschild Bird Borders
Royal Garden
Songbird Dessert
Windsor Garden
Rothschild Garden