Bernardaud 150th Anniversary
Bernardaud 150th Anniversary

Quality is integral to the culture, aspirations and mission of the brand. Bernardaud imposes exacting standard and commitment to excellence at every step of a lengthy manufacturing process. Each fine porcelain object is the work of many skilled professionals. Our artisans – from modeler to the colorist, finisher or transfer decorator – draw, shape, enamel, assemble, decorate and inspect each object by hand. Each artisan verifies that all pieces meet the Bernardaud quality standard. The quality of a piece of porcelain can be expressed as the sum of time required for its manufacture and for successive drying and firing operations. For instance, it takes one week and more than fifty artisans to complete a teapot. The skill of these master craftsmen is responsible for creating beauty in the lines of a vase, the design of a bowl or the decoration of a plate.  Explore some of the beautifully crafted and unique Bernardaud dinnerware we carry in our downtown bethesda store.

2015 New Collections

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Bernardaud Artists

After the huge success of the 150th Anniversary collection, Bernardaud has continued to partner with artists to inspire new collections.  See the whole list of artists featured in Bernadaud’s latest lighting, tableware and glassware products.

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Bernardaud 150th Anniversary dinnerware

2013: BERNARDAUD’S 150 YEARS! To celebrate its 150 years, the house has gone to meet the world of art by asking moviemakers, photographers and artists to bring their view of her work and her image. It shows a three-part exhibition that shows how porcelain is present, living, luminous, sensual and inspiring. (click images to isolate and expand)
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Bernardaud Dinnerware

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Bernardaud Coffee

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Bernardaud Historical Cups and Saucers

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