Persian Textiles

Hadji Oriental Rugs has closed but I have decided to continue to serve my clients and friends of 32 years with my continuous courtesy and professionalism.

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Fred Vaziri (aka Fred Hadji) is a Master Persian rug specialist whose expertise is in detail examinations, restorations, and appraisements. For over thirty years Fred has placed his collection in Museums, Embassy’s, Universities, major corporations, and prominent homes throughout the to 20th century permanent collection. Fred Vaziri has worked exclusively with Washingtonian’s renowned Victor Shargai with placing and coordinating Persian rugs for his clients.

Fred Vaziri’s most beloved are rare tribal and village type from a variety of regions in Persia.  Authentic and rare Persian rugs are generally divided in four major categories: Village, Tribe, Town, & Elaborate Floral City Type.  Fred is also an expert in using his ability to determine the use of silk on silk, wool on wool, wool on cotton, and silk and wool. Fred believes the quality of the material and the authenticity of the pattern for a particular region is the main determination of its value and longevity.

Comprehensive Appraisals
Business or/and Private Consultation
Professional Repair & Restoration
Animal Stains, Water Damage, Color Running & Fading Correction/Treatments
Preservation & Rotation
Moth Treatment & Proofing
Pads for All Surfaces
Stair Runners Installation
Packaging, Storage & Shipping

As former Vice President of Hadji Oriental Rugs, Inc. Fred’s responsibilities included buying, evaluating Persian antiques, consulting, heading restoration and appraisement. Fred joined Ghassem Hadjitarkhani over thirtyyears ago. Fred also has a degree in chemical engineering from the National University of Iran. While living in Iran Fred ran the quality control lab of the first steel production company in isphahan. He was one of four experts able to fast analyze and create the correct determination for the contents of specific steel. Fred has always had a drive to learn and collect ancient jewelry, furniture, artwork, but most of all Persian textiles.