Sarah Lavoine

For ten years, Sarah Lavoine has been creating beautifully unique interiors, simultaneously warm and simple, tranquil and loud, shady and bright. As an interior designer, she pays as much attention to the curve of a lamp as she does to the decoration of a hotel, or the style of a private house. Her Parisian taste, confident, refined and demanding, is her signature style. Sarah Lavoine leads an ongoing dialogue between its codes and references, defining a new art of French living.

In September 2012, Sarah Lavoine launched her first line of furniture and interior objects in her flagship boutique on rue Saint-Roch. In 2013, she opened a second boutique in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the image of her contemporary aesthetic. Sarah Lavoine defends a new art of French living which, when combined with her passion and talent for colour, magnifies the living spaces entrusted to her.

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