Jeff Koons


Born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania, Jeff Koons is without question one of the most important living artists. Since his emergence in the 1980s Jeff Koons has blended the concerns and methods of Pop and Conceptual art with popular culture to create his own unique iconography, at times controversial and always engaging.

Often working with everyday objects, his work revolves around themes of self-acceptance and transcendence. Koons’ works are exhibited throughout the world and are found in numerous public and private collections.

Koons lives and works in New York City.

About the Collection

“I was always intrigued by porcelain, by both the economic and the sexual aspect of the material.

Porcelain shrinks in the oven; therefore, there is a tightness to the material.  Porcelain was the emperor’s material but today it has been democratized and everybody can enjoy porcelain.

That’s why for these qualities of its material being it is the reason I used it in the Banality series. I am really thrilled to be part of the Bernardaud collection.”

Dinner Plates

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